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Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA)


$400 million


Development Management and Feasibility and Retail Advisory

Bowen Hills was declared an Urban Development Area (UDA) under the control of the Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) in March, 2008.  The site is less than 2km from the Brisbane CBD and covers over 100ha, making it a highly desirable TOD location.  Ownership of land is very diverse and almost all sites have been developed in one form or another over the last 150 years.  The ‘core’ of the UDA is seen as a potential second CBD for Brisbane. 

DMA Partners were engaged by the ULDA to assess the re-development options for a major existing land owner and how these could be put into a commercial deal framework; while delivering the long term re-development aspirations held by the Authority for the ‘core’ of the UDA.  As part of undertaking the project, DMA and consultants developed a reworked vision for the sub-regional scale retail development strata that was proposed for the area, delivering a higher value and more easily staged transition from old to new.

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