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Our Commercial Advisory service assists clients with core business and project oriented advice for property related restructures, acquisitions, disposals and development works. The directors of DMA have long experience in the conception and development of private and public projects. We understand the needs of private sector clients and we have a good understanding of and empathy for the needs of public sector clients, processes and projects. Our advisory service will typically test the client proposition for a development or transaction, provide insight into opportunities, constraints and risks, and propose a solution that seeks to balance these in a bankable project based outcome.

These services may cover and include:

  • divestment planning for public sector land holdings with or without policy outcome overlays
  • public sector business case and financial feasibility preparation
  • due diligence for corporate acquisitions and divestments
  • commercial advisory for project financial feasibility and modelling
  • development advisory on highest use and planning or regulatory environment impacts
  • corporate real estate and tenancy space planning
  • project positioning for product type, mix, timing and location
  • risk assessment and planning for higher risk or distressed property assets
  • third party management reporting programs for “of-concern” development assets
  • opportunity and market analysis for new, in-progress and existing developments
  • independent third party advisory and client representation services
  • business advisory to industrial land release projects with significant business continuity and/or engineering needs 
  • integrated advisory to resolve core business and resulting property needs
  • specific advisory for property projects with significant engineering demands
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