Whilst it may be prudent and perhaps essential to defer project commencement during the current economic uncertainty the key for successful market recovery is to use this time productively.

Allocate time and resources now to review all components of your project.  Preparing material for key stakeholders including investors, financiers, suppliers, vendors and tenants, will provide competitive time advantages as market confidence returns.

This involves forensically assessing all project components and composing relevant supporting documentation for the following areas:

1. Feasibility and project structuring
Examining the structuring and staging options that may facilitate the project in a different way.

2. Construction
Review construction cost, supply chains and engage in a value engineering process.

3. Finance
Review of equity and debt requirements and availability.  Open up to a broader market to identify more effective development equity and debt options.

4. Leasing and marketing material
Being able to communicate to potential investors and tenants is crucial.  Allowing them time to consider and commit to the opportunity when it recommences.

5. Approvals
Reviewing existing DA conditions.  Taking time to improve the commercial outcomes by lodging change requests.

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