Almost a year after the completion of a commercially-led redevelopment of their clubhouse facilities, Wests Rugby Union Club has enjoyed a lift in memberships, revenue and a shift to a more diverse customer base.


DMA Partners Associate Angus Jarmer said successful redevelopment hinged on taking into account the commercial outcomes the process would deliver.


“What we often see with clients looking to redevelop their assets is the desire to make cosmetic changes without any concept of how those changes will affect their bottom line,” Angus said.


“By looking at commerciality first, we ensure that the design reflects the commercial realities of the asset, and can deliver real returns on investment.


“This leads to better yield for the owner and happier, more successful tenants – better outcomes for everyone.”


Wests President Graham Brown said the redevelopment had lifted the club to a new level.


“We have seen a huge jump in memberships. We now have 945 playing members, up from 872 twelve months ago, and we’ve gone from zero social members to 124,” said Graham.


“Our food and beverage revenue has increased by 300% and I’d estimate we’ve had a tripling of attendees at game days, although winning on the field has probably helped these numbers too.


“One of the major changes we’ve seen is the diversification of our business away from just game days.


“We didn’t previously host any functions at the old clubhouse, now we are hosting around three a week, and we forecast this number will increase to six a week by mid-2018.


“This means more sustainable revenue for the club, allowing us to invest back into the game.”


Successful businesses are also now operating out of Wests, including Bodytrack Physiotherapy, who relocated from older premises to their new location in the club.


Bodytrack practice manager Tara Saunders said they had settled in so well that they sometimes forgot how they managed to operate out of their previous location.


“We now have our ideal clinic set up with a beautiful green outlook, we are definitely right at home here,” said Tara.


“The feedback from clients has been great. Long term clients loved the upgrade in our clinic and new clients often comment about what a great location and facility we are part of.


“The biggest change for us is probably the foot traffic; there’s always people around the facility for events, game days or at the café, so the exposure we are getting is amazing.”