This month we celebrate Matt Cummins’ one-year anniversary at DMA Partners.


Matthew Cummins now heads our development advisory and management services team and brings over 25 years of experience in the property industry to DMA Partners, having worked across the retail, commercial and residential sectors and delivering significant mixed-use projects.


DMA Partners Managing Director Ryan Andersen said that the thinking behind the appointment of such an experienced development professional was a result of the high demand for development services, due to the increasing level of complexity in development projects.


“When we started the company in 2008, genuine mixed-use projects were not so common in Queensland. Since then, the majority of projects we are working on are mixed-use and this increases the level of complexity on a number of levels,” said Mr Andersen.


“These projects require a deep understanding of both what makes a development stack up commercially and of the design functionality requirements. There is a myriad of issues that must be considered, assessed and modelled to understand the risk and return proposition for each component of the project.


“We are now seeing many different mixed-use combinations between residential, commercial, retirement/aged care, hotel, entertainment and retail, and in a number of cases there is a major transport component to the project.


“Funding is also a major hurdle and the quality and focus on structuring of development projects to be saleable and bankable has become more significant.”


Prior to joining DMA Partners, Mr Cummins worked on projects both locally and internationally, having managed the Royal Bank of Scotland’s $200 million inner city accommodation strategy at 280 Bishopsgate and Premier Place in London.


More locally, Mr Cummins has been instrumental in identification, conception and delivery of numerous retail shopping centres, mixed-use projects and was involved in the initial development phase of the 32,000 square metre Santos Place project at 32 Turbot Street.


“Matthew’s international experience helps us to bring global ideas and methodologies into our delivery of local projects,” Mr Andersen said.


“However, it’s Matthew’s expertise in the early structuring and conception of our projects that is helping us to deliver commercially viable solutions for our clients.


“At DMA Partners we have realised that, more and more, if we can get involved in a project early with the architect, town planner and the other design consultants, we can add the most value and set the project up for success and at a lower risk position for the investors.


“DMA Partners has built a team that is looking forward to continuing to deliver exceptional projects, in Queensland and beyond.”