St Aidan's Anglican Girls School - Aidan's Place

Project Status



St Aidan's Anglican Girls’ School
DMA Partners, are proud to have been the delivery partner for the Aidan’s Place project, transforming the ground level of a classroom building into a dynamic student social hub.

Originally, this undercroft area housed conventional closed spaces including a tuckshop, uniform shop, and bookshop, connected by a stark concrete apron linking Ruthven Street to a courtyard swimming pool. Our collaboration reimagined these spaces, converting them into interconnected areas designed for eating, gathering, and socialising in various group sizes, and adding a refectory space adjacent to the courtyard.


From the initial planning stages to the final completion, DMA Partners provided comprehensive support, ensuring the project remained on schedule and within budget. Our expertise in property project delivery allowed us to handle the complexities and challenges that arose, effectively reducing the school’s administrative load.


Aidan’s Place now stands as the vibrant heart of the St Aidan’s campus, fostering social interaction and community engagement. The project’s success lies in the thoughtful reduction and insertion of elements, enhancing the existing structures three-dimensional waffle ceiling with abstract extensions and skylights. This architectural strategy by Blight Rayner Architecture has transformed the once oppressive space into an animated and inviting environment.


The successful completion of Aidan’s Place was made possible through our collaboration with FARA, the building contractor, whose expertise and commitment were integral to the project. By taking on the logistical challenges of the project, DMA Partners enabled St Aidan’s School to enjoy the benefits of a vibrant, functional, and community-oriented space.


Our key project partners were FARA, Blight Rayner, GRC Quantity Surveyors, NAB, Blight Tanner