DMA Partners has delivered a $2.5 million ongrade car park for the Whitsunday Shopping Centre, opening up the southern end of the centre, following a fire that burnt down the Target Country store in 2016.


DMA was appointed as development managers through the Development Application process, and were subsequently appointed as project managers, guiding the development through the construction and delivery phase.


DMA Partners’ Associate Director John Dobrenov said the project was a great success, despite facing numerous challenges throughout conception and construction.


“After a fire destroyed the Target tenancy and caused significant damage to the southern end of the centre, safety concerns required a large hoarding that blocked the southern section of the centre, affecting trade opportunities,” said Mr Dobrenov.


“The centre needed a revised configuration, which involved the removal of the standalone tenancy’s slab and the creation of new car parking, an enhanced outdoor alfresco dining area and artificial turf and games and activities for kids.


“We were working in a live retail environment, which constrained the construction process significantly, and presented challenges around continuity of services.


“We also had to minimise the impact of the redevelopment on retailers, who had already been struggling given the access issues caused by the fire.


“However, by overcoming these challenges we were able to help the owner to create a new future for the centre.


“This project will be the catalyst for new growth and tenancy re-mix for the southern end, particularly with a focus on dining options that can take advantage of the convenient access and the previously underutilised dining alfresco area.”